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Penn Bluewater Carnage Rods


Bluewater Carnage Rods

$134.99 - $369.99
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Penn Bluewater Carnage Rods

Graphite composite blank. Fuji® Turbo frame with Hardloy inserts. Fuji® SS "LR" Turbo frames with Hardloy inserts are light weight and use a unique shape that prevents the line from getting tangled. Models include CARBW2050C66, CARBW3080C66, CARBW50100C66, and CARBW765L. Fuji SS "N" flared frames with Hardloy inserts. Models include CARBW1220S70, CARBW1530S70, and CARBW3050S70. Fuji® SS "N" flared frames with Hardloy inserts. Models include CARBW1530C66, CARBW1525C70#, CARBW2040C70#, CARBW700XL, CARBW700ML, CARBW700M, CARBW800XL, and CARBW800M. Fuji® SS "HN" flared frames with deep pressed Hardloy inserts. Hardloy deep pressed inserts provide a larger surface area for securing the ring material to the frame. This provides a stronger bond for more durable longer lasting guides. Model include CARBW700H AFTCO rollers extend the life of your line by reducing friction at the key areas like the tip guide and stripper guide. Model includes CARBW760H.

Option Barcode Manufacturer's Part Number Vendor Number
CARBW3050S70 Spin Rod 7' Hvy 30-50Lb / SPINNING 00031324187160 CARBW3050S70 BRS-0009-1700
CARBW700H Cast Rod 7' Hvy 30-60Lb / SPINNING 00031324187221 CARBW700H BRS-0009-1706
CARBW765L Cast Rod 6'6" Hvy 30-80Lb / SPINNING 00031324187238 CARBW765L BRS-0009-1707
CARBW1530C66 Cast Rod 6'6" Med 15-30Lb / CASTING 00031324187276 CARBW1530C66 BRS-0009-1711
CARBW1530S70 Spin Rod 7' MH 15-30Lb / SPINNING 00031324187153 CARBW1530S70 BRS-0009-1699
CARBW700ML Cast Rod 7' Medium 20-40Lb / SPINNING 00031324187191 CARBW700ML BRS-0009-1703
CARBW1525C70LB Cast Rod 7' Med 15-25Lb / CASTING 00031324187252 CARBW1525C70LB BRS-0009-1709
CARBW50100C66 Cast Rod 6'6" Hvy 50-100Lb / CASTING 00031324187306 CARBW50100C66 BRS-0009-1714
CARBW700XL Cast Rod 7' ML 10-25Lb / SPINNING 00031324187177 CARBW700XL BRS-0009-1701
CARBW800XL Cast Rod 7'10" ML 10-25Lb / SPINNING 00031324187184 CARBW800XL BRS-0009-1702
CARBW1220S70 Spin Rod 7' Med 12-20Lb / SPINNING 00031324187146 CARBW1220S70 BRS-0009-1698
CARBW800M Cast Rod 7'10" MH 20-50Lb / SPINNING 00031324187214 CARBW800M BRS-0009-1705
CARBW760H Cast Rod 6' Hvy 50-130Lb / SPINNING 00031324187245 CARBW760H BRS-0009-1708
CARBW2040C70LB Cast Rod 7' Med 20-40Lb / CASTING 00031324187269 CARBW2040C70LB BRS-0009-1710
CARBW2050C66 Cast Rod 6'6" MH 20-50Lb / CASTING 00031324187283 CARBW2050C66 BRS-0009-1712
CARBW3080C66 Cast Rod 6'6" Hvy 30-80Lb / CASTING 00031324187290 CARBW3080C66 BRS-0009-1713
CARBW700M Cast Rod 7' MH 20-50Lb / SPINNING 00031324187207 CARBW700M BRS-0009-1704
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